"I love that I can follow Amanda's cues without watching her. And I love leaving class a stronger woman!" - Alessia, 24 


 "I first met Amanda in Hawaii, and booked her class just because she was a Brooklyn native. How grateful I am to have crossed paths with her! She is such a breath of fresh air and truly goes above and beyond to make you feel heard. I took The Confidence Class in NYC and it was an eye-opening experience for me because I realized I wasn't the only one going through a battle with myself. Thank you, Amanda, for using your experiences and voice to help others feel loved and for being a role model for many generations to come!" - Sushmita, 25 


"Love the class intro... what Amanda says about confidence being tied to others' compliments of us. Opinions that other people have of us DON'T HAVE TO BE THE OPINIONS WE HAVE OF OURSELVES! YES!" - Mary Beth


"Amanda knows how to make anyone feel special and confident. The world is lucky to have her, and needs her!" - Stephanie


"Really soothing words from Amanda... awesome encouragement and confidence. I believe women need more confidence and this helps a lot." - Flor, 30


"I love the class and want to do it more.  I learned a lot and will use it in everyday life." - Kalia, 13

"The entire event was a complete success."

"THE C O N F I D E N C E CLASS undoubtedly lived up to my expectations.

My daughter loved the thoughtful gifts and excellent music to help the Class.

The feedback from guests was exceptionally positive. All girls felt a part of the Class and were able to absorb and learn. They reported that the Class was a lot of fun and no pressure. They said that they gained something with respect to confidence and positive self-image. They appreciated that Amanda stayed and spent time with them at the celebration.

I feel the entire Class was planned and executed exceptionally well and would not change a thing.

Amanda communicated consistently well and was proactive in putting all parts of the Class together. She provided sensible ideas/options, encouraged our input and feedback, and stayed on top of things which greatly reduced my anxiety!

I would highly recommend

THE C O N F I D E N C E CLASS to my family, friends, and community members who want to create a memorable experience with positive messages, fun, flexibility and an easily-customized event based on group composition and interests."



"Thank you so much for the amazing Bat Mitzvah; I really enjoyed the Class and how you brought different groups [of friends] together. The atmosphere was amazing... You brought everyone together. It was beyond what I expected." - Zena, 12


 "I loved the class, Amanda! It was amazing! I loved pouring out my feelings. It felt good." - Talia, 14 


 "Class was fun and engaging. It was also very calming. I am happy that I was able to experience yoga for the first time." - Yanna, 13 


"Amazing experience, loved it so much. [The] Bat Mitzvah was a blast because of Amanda. Lots of love... thank you so much." - Rivka, 14


"I really liked that [the Class] was calming. I didn’t find anything I didn’t like about [the Class]." - Orley, 13


"Thank you very much, Amanda!

It was a truly memorable [event] thanks to your hard work, care and commitment."